01. I owe everything to the Lord

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and the One who rescues me; My God, my rock and strength in whom I trust and take refuge” (Psalm 18,2)

I have experienced many painful and dramatic situations in my life. I often hit  rock bottom and I was in trouble. Such events are said to be a real life catastrophe or disaster. In all these completely hopeless moments, when no one was able to help me anymore, I could only count on God and His Mercy. And I was not disappointed. I went through all difficult circumstances successfully only thanks to God’s grace. Merciful God comes to my rescue in every life difficulty. When my strength failed, Jesus Christ would come to the rescue and solve all my problems. There was always help – even when my situation was completely at rock bottom.

Jesus Christ showed me that there are no hopeless situations in human life. I experienced that with Christ you can overcome all – even the most difficult – obstacles and problems, because for God nothing is impossible. I have found that there are no difficult situations in which God would not help people. There is no problem that Jesus Christ cannot solve. He can help in every, even the most dramatic and hopeless situation. Jesus Christ can do everything. He has all power, and He shows it especially when human strength and capabilities fail completely.

Jesus Christ is my best and most faithful Friend. Jesus Christ  is the strength of my life and my power.  Jesus Christ is my salvation. It was with Him that I went through the worst and most difficult things. Jesus Christ has never left me alone, He has always been with me and helped me survive all dramatic circumstances of my life. He led me through every “dark valley”, adversity and trouble, and led me out of the biggest difficulties. Thanks to Him, I can survive each day. From Jesus Christ I draw strength to bear my daily cross of sickness, weakness, powerlessness, loneliness and abandonment. Without Jesus Christ, I would have died. I owe everything in my life to the Lord Jesus. I live thanks to Him. Jesus is the source of my joy. Jesus gives meaning to my life. If it weren’t for Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t have survived adversities in my life. Without Christ, I wouldn’t have been able to live a single day.

Based on what I have experienced, I would like to tell all people that  faith and trust in Jesus Christ are the most important things in human life. Because only Jesus Christ is able to give you what you really need and fulfill all your desires. Only Jesus can gift you with real love and peace. Only that really matters!

I have found that the greatest thing in a person’s life is to hold onto Jesus Christ!