17. Seven days

After I lost my job, I found myself completely at rock bottom and I could not actually go any lower. You could say that I was on the edge. I could not find a new job, I was still very ill, I had no money and no means to live…..Creditors were threatening to take me to court. A friend of mine even told my situation was hopeless and without any way out.

At that time I received a final demand from payment from one of my creditors. I was informed that if the debt is not paid within SEVEN DAYS, the matter would be referred to the courts. It was a real disaster.

Where would I get so much money within SEVEN DAYS, I wondered.

Then God showed me that there is nothing impossible for him. His possibilities and means cannot be exhausted. He is always ready to help and always comes to the rescue, although very often, in the last minute. It was the same in my case. When I found myself on the edge, He came to my aid.

All the events associated with this have been described in the story, “How I started my own business...” In order to conduct English and German language courses, I had urgently set up a company. Unfortunately, at the time, the administrative formalities relating to establishing a small business, lasted about 3 weeks. So it was impossible for me to collect all of the required money in SEVEN DAYS .

Despite this my business was registered at the registry of small businesses in the regional office in my hometown. I had no money, so my mother had to borrow 12 dollars from a neighbor, in order to register the business and get the appropriate certification of registration. The next day I was at the tax office to find out what formalities I have to take care of to pay taxes. I was horrified to find out that in order to register for VAT I had to pay 30 dollars. This was an astronomical amount for me at the time!

On Friday, September the 7th I went to K., a remote village about 200km from the capital, to the appropriate Statistical Office to my company’s statistical number. Unfortunately, when I arrived there, I found out that there had been a computer system failure some ten minutes ago and I would not be able to get anything done that day.

After talking with the head of the department, I was promised that I would receive a fax with my statistical number immediately after the weekend, so Monday, and the original by post a few days later. This was like a miracle of providence as the clerk assured me something like this is not common practice in that office.

After receiving the fax with the number on Monday, September 10th, I settled the rest of the formalities- a bank account, the formalities at the tax office and a stamp.

This was the way I had set up my company. All the formalities had been taken care of at lightning speed and all obstacles, both big and small, had been overcome.

The officials I had met along the way were friendly, open, eager to help and quickly arranged the necessary formalities. So instead of three weeks, I needed only SEVEN DAYS to set up my company.

Everything worked like a dream- already on the SEVENTH DAY I issued invoices and earned my first money. Thanks to the SEVENTH DAY I was able to pay my debt and avoid litigation.


During the first few weeks after founding the company, I though about the events leading up to it. After a long period of setbacks and difficulties, I was amazed at the course of recent events.
I can add that for over two years I prayed to God and asked for the opportunity to run my own business. However, there were always obstacles preventing me from doing so- a lack of funds, property and basic tools such as a telephone, fax, internet access, etc.

But God showed me that his logic and actions is different from that of humans. He can create something from nothing even when the human power and imagination fail.