11. The story of my healing

I called to the Lord,
and He answered me.
(Psalm 120,1)

My situation seemed completely hopeless. I had the impression that I was standing on a precipice. I had lost my job, I was unable to search for or start a new one, my savings were gone. Additionally, a deep sadness came over me and stayed with me.

However, my problems were not scaring me as much as they had before. This was due to the fact that each morning I got up with a renewed hope. I really wanted to live, be healthy and work normally. So I clung to God as a last resort. I began to pray intensively for a return to health. The Lord was the only doctor who could help me. I told myself I would ask him for healing as long as it took for him to hear my prayers. I saw no other option before me that to return to health and lead a normal life.

I believed that for God nothing is impossible. I read scripture a lot. The word of God was spiritual food for me in my time of illness. Oftentimes I would consider the parts dealing with healings by Jesus and his words, providing me with great love. I was convinced that God did not want me to suffer. I knew that the healing would come, as in the Gospel I could not find a single instance for Jesus refusing to heal someone. It gave me hope and perseverance in anticipation of a return to health.

I prayed earnestly to God that I would survive each successive day and at night I thanked him for leading me through it. I also thanked him for the disease.


But God was silent. I then began to ask myself, why was it that Jesus was not answering my prayer, as I wanted him to? Soon after, while contemplating a part of scripture, it occurred to me that my sins and vices were barriers preventing my healing. God does not hear my prayers because many of my sins were separating him from me.

I then began to repudiate my existing way of life. I repented for my sins and asked God to purge me of all my evil inclinations and habits. It was a time of spiritual transformation. I went to confession for my entire life. When, on the same day, I accepted Holy Communion, I noticed that I had more strength and courage and some of the symptoms were already beginning to alleviate. This encouraged me to frequently use the sacrament of the Eucharist. From then on I began to attend mass and receive Holy Communion daily. Each time I noticed that I felt braver and stronger.

Each following morning I felt very bad again, but accepting Holy Communion decidedly eased my symptoms every time. When anxiety attacks intensified, I began attending confession every two or three weeks- and this also made me feel better. There were periods of time where I felt my condition improve, but a relapse would always occur. My life went on in such a rhythm, from one communion to the next, from one confession to the next. I could survive this way.

One day, my condition rapidly deteriorated. Suddenly everything started to hurt. It seemed to me that all the muscles in my body refused to obey me. I could hardly move, my legs became heavy to the point that I could not go down the stairs or climb them back to the top. I was in greatest pain in the entire period of the disease. I was lying on the floor in the apartment crying with pain and helplessness. In the end I said:
– Jesus, you also work through people. I beg you, put me in contact with a single person, through which you can help me.

That day I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I gave him every particle and the entire sphere of my life. I gave him a heartfelt “Yes” to his complete presence in my life. I asked to be at his disposal according to His will and I agreed to everything he wants me to do. I gave up completely to Jesus, and I agreed to give him my whole life without any conditions. I said then:-Thy will be done in my life!


It was a May morning. That day, as usual, I attended morning Mass. After it was over, I stayed for a moment to pray. The Church was almost deserted, and I sat still absorbed in silent prayer. Suddenly I felt someone sit next to me. I looked towards m right a saw an unknown, middle aged woman.

-The Lord God has heard your prayers – she said – Everything will be fine.
-How do you know about me? – I asked in surprise.
-Have you heard about the Holy Spirit? – She asked, and handed me a card with phone number and hastily departed.

Later that day I called the number. The person with whom I spoke began to pray for my healing. At the same time I received a phone number to a Catholic priest who a few days after my spiritual preparation gave me the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

After the adoption of the sacrament I noticed that something was happening to me. I quickly noticed that God began the process of healing me from all of my ailments. After the first few days I had seen the first signs of God’s work. It began with the release from the bondage of fear, I slowly ceased to be afraid of walking, passing through the street and riding the bus. I clearly felt that the Lord had strengthened my leg muscles, because now I went and boarding the bus normally.
Since that time, I decided to attend daily Mass and receive Christ in Holy Communion, which, as already mentioned, clearly soothed the symptoms of the disease. I continued every day for the next few years.

I also participated in several masses relating to the sacred prayer for healing. During one of them, I had been cured of the deep sorrow that accompanied me since I lost my job.

In this way, Jesus began the process of healing me from the many diseases and bondage in my life. This gradual process of returning to health and normality lasted for several years and was thanks to the Church’s sacraments, personal prayer, intercessory prayer, prayer groups, meditation on the Word of God and life in a state of grace. As part of this process, some problems gave way, then came back again, sometimes with renewed vigor. This was to teach me cooperation with God’s grace, patience and perseverance in purging diseases and illnesses.

Immediately after the Lord Jesus began the healing process I could take up work again and everything started to fall into place.

Currently, I live normal life like everyone – I can walk, run, etc.. I can also work normally as a foreign language teacher, which requires me to speak clearly at all times (at the time of my illness, I could not talk.)

The living Jesus, present in the Eucharist, evidently made a miracle, as I no longer have to suffer pain and diseases, of which there were so many, and I have good test results now- the doctors have now ruled out myasthenia gravis.

At present, with full confidence I can say that Jesus Christ gave me a new life. In him I found everything I needed to cure my sick spirit and body. I am very grateful to him for everything he did for me. I want to be with him, love him and be faithful to him.
Thank You, Jesus!