18. The story of the loan

Help always comes from the Heavens.
Even at the last moment.
Since I can count on You, my Lord!

Before leaving my last company I took out a loan from the employee social benefits fund as part of the money needed for the purchase of a new home. In accordance with the agreement, I had until the 31st of August to pay the money back but I was unable to meet this commitment in time. In August, I applied for an extension on the deadline to the 31st of December. My application was approved but I was informed that the new deadline would be final.

In October I paid roughly half the amount due, as I was still missing a substantial amount of the sum. At the time, I was seriously ill and not able to develop my business. By the time November came around, I knew I was unable to raise the shortfall and that only a miracle could save me now.

I then entrusted everything to You, Jesus, and Your Mercy. I asked for the intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St. Jude Thaddeus, the patron saint of lost causes, and St. Anthony.

December came around, Christmas was approaching, and I still didn’t have the amount required. While language courses were ending just before Christmas, the new semester didn’t start until after the new year. About a week and a half before Christmas, I had the idea to mention to my students that I was accepting payment for the next semester.

I decided only to mention this fact, and left the rest to You, Lord. It was clear that no one was expected to pay a payment three weeks before the start of the next semester. I said to You then:

“Lord Jesus. I commit myself to Your Mercy. You have the power to move the hearts of those who- if it is Your will- can make an earlier payment, enabling me to repay my debt”.

What happened a week before Christmas was amazing. A sufficient number of students paid for their upcoming courses and so a large sum had accumulated. I was only short less than a third of the debt.

At this time I received information from the insurance company that I was due to receive compensation. I just didn’t know how much. On the way home, I stopped by S. to pick up the amount. To my delight, there was just enough money as needed to repay the loan. That very day, I deposited the outstanding debt onto the company account. It was paid back on the 22nd of December, before the deadline.

Thank You, my Jesus!